I'm Thea Kozakis, an astrophysicist/astrobiologist currently working as a post doc at the National Space Institute at the Technical University of Denmark with the exoplanet group. Right now I am particularly interested in using photochemistry and climate modeling to study how we could use ozone as a biosignature in the search for life in the Universe. I completed my PhD work at Cornell University with the Carl Sagan Institute. My PhD thesis, "Last Call For Life: Habitability of Terrestrial Planets Orbiting Red Giants and White Dwarfs", focuses on combining stellar evolution and astrobiology to study planetary habitability for systems with hosts of a variety of masses and ages. I got my start in astronomy doing observational research with Joe Carson at the College of Charleston on direct imaging of exoplanets around high-mass stars with the Subaru SEEDS Survey. Although my current research focuses on exoplanet habitability and origins of life, I'm interested in a variety of different areas in astronomy research!

To learn more about me and the work that I've done/am doing please take a look at the links above/below! Don't hesistate to contact me with any thoughts/questions/ideas/etc.

The beautiful cover art shown above is an artist's conception of my white dwarf habitability research made by my good friend, Jack Madden, who holds both a PhD in astrophysics and a Master of Fine Arts. You can find out more about his space art and exoplanet research here!